We provide the tools to assist a self publishing author. We provide services required to get your novel seen on Amazon, Apple's iBookstore & iTunes, YouTube, and Vimeo. We have the software to create an iBookstore/iTunes version, as well as the software, and talent to provide video openers (trailers).

  •                       A solution for the self publishing author. Fiction or Non-fiction, your potential readers need to find you.

  •                                                              We create an alternate course for the self publishing author.

  •                                                 We won't be critics of your novel, and we don't have the cost of big publishers.

Late Nights
Long Hours & Many Edits

Create a presence to sell. Start first with a short video opener that delivers a quick story line for the novel.

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Bookstores or Airport Kiosks...
May not be your target

If you want to break in, consider the sales portals of Amazon, and Apple's iBookstore.

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Examples of Book or Novel Trailer Video Promos from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. top

Examples How One Of Our Novels Appear On Amazon, and Apple's iBookstoretop

Unique quality assistance to self publishing authors by Unoque.Comtop

The Novel or Book's Text Content

NovelPromo.Com is a small firm that can provide unique quality assistance to self publishing authors. If you have been thinking about placing your novel or book on Amazon, or Apple's iBookstore, which is sold through iTunes, we can be of value.

Amazon is easier for you to do it alone, but they have unique formatting requirements that you must follow, if you want your novel or book to turn out looking the way you might want it.

If you want to sell your book or novel through Apple's iBookstore & iTunes Store, you'll need to use an Apple based software called iBook Author. This software provides numerous templates. It requires an even more complex formatting, but we have done dozens. If you want to see examples, please use our contact link, at the top of the page.

Video Openers or Trailers

Unoque [yoo-noke] organizes some of the best video/digital graphics, and special effects talent from across the globe , and offers them the opportunity to participate in creating the highest quality finished product, for our clients.

Unoque is also a project management firm. Other video production companies must choose a single market, and try to survive with talent specific to that market.

We draw from a unique and independent team of freelance video editors, videographers, computer graphics, and 3D animation artists. Our content teams are the very best talent available.

  An example of a 35 second opener for a novel.

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Why Use Us ?    NovelPromo.Com's Services Include: top

If you're a PC, and want to sell your novel
on Apple's iBookstore & iTunes, it needs
to be written in Apple's iBook Author.

We use Mac's iBook Author software to
get your novel into Apple's exclusive
iBookstore / iTunes.

iBook Author provides a series of templates
to choose from. They vary from classic to contemporary designs. We can also provide options of Craft books or even Cookbook
designs. Non-fiction designs also exist.

We provide you options to see how your
novel or book will appear on Apple's
iBookstore, before it goes on-line.

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work with clients when producing content formatting.

All large publishers create video promotions, called Video Trailers that are presented on YouTube, and Vimeo.

Unoque is a video production company that creates video promotional openers. We call
them openers, because they don't trail your
book or novel, they open a potential reader
to your work or story line.

If you provide us some thoughts, or a short
script of how you want a short video to
present your book or novel, we can produce
a couple of examples, for your review.

Click Here to become familiar with how we
work with clients when producing videos.

If you need cover art, we can provide the talent
to create it. We can also design it to insure it survives the varied sizes, and formats required
for Amazon, and Apple's iBookstore.

There are an enormous number, and varied options about a web presence. You may stay
with FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, and others.
You may also go with a website. If you do not know how to design a website, we can for you.

We provide a web page that describes how
we approach providing services, such as this,
and we suggest that you review it.

Click Here to become familiar with how we
work with clients when creating websites.

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